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Emma Chamberlain's Icy Aura Nails Are the Coolest Take on the Trend

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As one of Gen Z's biggest style icons, what Emma Chamberlain does, goes. While she usually keeps it casual in the beauty department, the influencer-turned-coffee-empress just cosigned the aura nail trend, and we're running to book an appointment with our nail tech.
Aura nails have been manifesting on everyone's fingers this summer in new, personalized, and highly colorful designs—take Megan Thee Stallion's Barbie aura nails, Lizzo's airbrush iteration, and Megan Fox's sweet pink set for proof of the trend's status as summers it-nail.

Emma Chamberlain wearing blue makeup
On June 26, Chamberlain embraced the trend with her own version of aura nails, sporting a cool-toned, icy colorway. Her rendition exactly matched her eyes: the far edges of her short, square-shaped set were dark blue, creating a thin border before fading into a bright blue reminiscent of the blueberry nail trend. In between the two shades of blue was an ultra-thin transitional shade, and on top of the design were splatters of silver glitter across the entire nail.

To show off the new look, the influencer posted an Instagram carousel taking the blue hues to her head with another ultra-trendy item: the balaclava. While the accesory is usually reserved for winter, she styled the piece with her trusty white tank top for summer.
Chamberlain's headpiece shared the exact same shades as her nails, with a dark blue trim framing her face, and dark and light blue stripes traveling down the garment to her neck. She opted for a natural look rather than caking on the makeup. She used Lancôme's Advanced Génifique Serum ($132), which left a moisturized, dewy finish on her skin, and a touch of gloss on her lips.

Emma Chamberlain with blue aura nails
To recreate her icy aura nails, you will likely have to head to the nail salon to access airbrush tools and paint, as that is how to get the most aura-like results. However, there are some at-home methods if you prefer to DIY.
Nail artist Angie Bonilla previously told Byrdie her best hack for an at-home version of the look. "You can use a few drops of gel polish and mix it with acetone," she says. "My usual ratio is three drops of gel and four of acetone." Bonilla says she's seen virtually every style of aura nail, but to her, the most memorable use a neutral background with stand-out shades, like Miss Chamberlain's.

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