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This TikTok Hack Turns Any Bra Into a Strapless Bra—Here’s How

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If you’re anything like us and have replaced asking Google questions with TikTok, you’re in good company. TikTok has taught us so many things, but our favorite part of the app has to be the fashion hacks we learn. And perhaps the most innovative one we’ve seen is transforming any regular bra into a strapless bra, without making any alterations. Yes, it is possible.
If you don’t own a strapless bra, trust us when we say this hack is about to save the day (and your wallet). Below, find out how to do the strapless bra TikTok hack.

What Is the Strapless Bra Hack?
Fashion and travel influencers Yuyi Chua brought the strapless bra hack to everyone’s attention, and since her initial posting, the video has gained over 8.7 million views (and counting). And while she doesn’t claim to have created the hack, she certainly made it a trend.

Other users have tested out the hack, and the results speak for themselves. It’s perfect for those who don’t regularly need a strapless bra or who might have just a couple of strapless shirts or dresses. So instead of dishing out extra money on a bra you won’t wear that often, this hack has got you covered.

How to Turn Your Bra Into a Strapless Bra

Put on your bra and loosen the straps all of the way (you can adjust later, as needed).
Cross the straps diagonally over your head, one at a time.
Place each of the straps under your armpits.
Tighten the straps to make the bra more secure.
Adjust as needed.
We’ve tested out the strapless bra hack for ourselves and can honestly say it works. However, there are a few things to know when you try it out.
Things to Keep In Mind
If you have a larger chest, you might find that you don’t have enough support. If that sounds like you, we’d suggest making sure the straps are tight and secure. Also, this hack will only work with strapless tops that go straight across. If you're wearing something that has a cut-out or an intricate neckline, the bra will still peep through.
All in all, this is a super easy and helpful hack that can come in handy the next time a strapless top or dress calls your name.

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