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14 Strawberry Lemonade Nail Ideas for a Tart Summer Mani

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While many of summer 2023's biggest manicure trends are a continuation of the minimalist styles we've seen over the past year (oat milk nails or vanilla chrome, anyone?), there's also a decidedly more colorful side making its mark this season. From watermelon aesthetics to spritz-inspired designs, we're painting our nails to match our favorite seasonal treats (and spark joy on par with the Barbiecore and mermaid trends). The latest refreshing mani idea?

Manicure with pink and yellow ombre aura base and confetti texture

Strawberry lemonade nails, which add a little zest to your fingertips with their sunny pink and yellow polish and sweet, joyful designs. Ahead, see 14 of our favorite strawberry lemonade nail ideas to squeeze into your summer manicure lineup.

Manicure with pink, red, and yellow wavy design and pink and white daisies

Whether your summer plans involve picnics, garden parties, or trips to the Malibu Barbie Café, these strawberry lemonade nails will help you bring the ultimate groovy vibes with their pink, yellow, orange, and white waves and daisies.
Pretty in Pink Lemonade

Manicure with pale pink base, yellow French tips, and white and yellow floral designs

Make a pale pink manicure pop by adding a few strategic sunny yellow French tips. Complete the soft look with flower designs to elevate the look even more.

Spicy Strawberry Lemonade French

French manicure with pink, red, and yellow wavy tip design

If you love a good spicy cocktail, bring those vibes to your nails with this pink lemonade mani. Streaks of red woven throughout these patterned French tips add a bold kick to this sweet summer trend.

Manicure with white base and pink and yellow smiley face accent designs

Searching for a strawberry lemonade mani that's full of fun and optimism? This design invites the good vibes in via pink and yellow smiley faces on a simple white base.

Marbled Strawberry Lemonade

Marbled pink and yellow manicure on translucent neutral base

Marbled and tie-dye nails are always a fun choice for summer, and they look especially refreshing in a strawberry lemonade palette. Against a translucent neutral background, the design gives your fingertips a major dose of happiness without being too overwhelming.

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