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Lizzo's Mismatched Manicure Is the Summer Nail Inspo We've Been Looking For

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If you’ve ever seen Lizzo perform, you know that she always gives it her all. Her passion continues when she leaves the stage, as she's dedicated to uplifting marginalized communities. Most recently, she just announced her annual Juneteenth GiveBack season, where this year she will donate to organizations that support Black trans people. She announced her donation in an Instagram video, wearing long mermaid waves and a colorful mismatched manicure.

Lizzo wearing blue and green eyeshadow
“As a proud Houstonian, it has been an honor to be able to celebrate Juneteenth in a real way by giving back to Black businesses and organizations,” says Lizzo in the video, which she posted on June 19. “We’re doing Juneteenth bigger and better than ever. I am the proud recipient of the Elevate Prize Award. That means I have a quarter of a million dollars to give to any cause I choose—and you already know I’m choosing the Juneteenth GiveBack.” She goes on to explain that over the course of the week, she'll be donating $50,000 a day to black-led grassroot organizations, focusing on those who uplift the trans community.

Lizzo has already announced the first and second recipients, the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, which protects the rights of Black transgender people, and Black Girls Smile Inc., an organization that offers mental health resources to Black women and girls. Lizzo wore the same outfit in each video, which included a yellow graphic T-shirt, various gem-encrusted gold rings, bangles, and gold chains, one of which features a pendant in the shape of Africa.
Throughout the videos, it’s almost impossible to miss Lizzo’s colorful mismatched manicure. On her pinky fingers, she wears a turquoise and green aura manicure with a chrome French tip and a wavy pink and brown checkerboard pattern on her ring fingers. On her middle fingers she wears gem-encrusted silver nails, on her pointers she wears green and yellow nail polish, and a red and yellow design on her thumbs finishes the manicure.

Lizzo wearing a yellow T shirt and mismatched manicure

Her nails are reminiscent of Hailey Bieber’s recent blobby tie-dye manicure that also featured a different design on each nail. Although naked nails have been all the rage for the past few months, these two manicures prove that this summer is shaping up to be all about color. This season, you can opt for a bright manicure by painting your nails different colors or adding decals like gemstones or stickers onto your digits. If you typically lean towards only wearing one color but still want vibrancy in your nails, consider opting for a bright Jello manicure or having fun with a blueberry milk manicure. The options are truly endless.

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