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Kaia Gerber Just Went Golden Blonde for Summer

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Ah, nepo babies. Whether you love them or love to hate them, the superstars of decades past’s kids are all grown up, and they’re infiltrating the beauty industry, becoming world-class supermodels, and landing some serious Hollywood gigs. Kaia Gerber, daughter to Cindy Crawford, seems to have done all three, fronting major beauty campaigns, walking Fashion Week’s hottest shows, and, most recently, playing the role of Brittany in the film Bottoms, which is set to premiere on August 25. While we’re on the edge of our seats to tune into the film, we can at least marvel at Gerber’s new golden blonde hair.
Gerber's been relatively quiet on Instagram, so we were shook when she revealed her new blonde hair. Gerber posted a story wearing a white tank top and a skirt, a dainty gold chain necklace, and a no-makeup makeup look that emphasized her blushing cheeks and notoriously full brows. She tagged celebrity colorist Matt Rez who created a glonden, burnt butter blonde on the star.

Kaia Gerber with brown hair

Gerber’s hair reaches just below her collarbones and features wispy layers parted down the center. Though we’re used to seeing Gerber with dark brown hair, she now wears a blonde color that isn’t a traditional beach-babe blonde—instead, it has warm copper undertones that make it look like burnt butter. With Bella Hadid kicking the year off with a similar Aspen blonde shade, courtesy of  Jenna Perry, and Angelina Jolie trying a blonde balayage, courtesy of Giuliano Baio, it begs the question: are brunettes crossing over to the lighter side this summer?

Kaia Gerber poses with new blonde hair

With the stars as proof, the answer is a resounding yes. If you’re looking to add brightness to your brown hair, there are options to choose from. Lighter brunettes can opt for a sun-bleached blonde, and if you have dark brown hair, try a bronde shade, which "tends to have more dimension of dark or brunette within the blonde highlighted piece, making for a less stark grown-out look that still works due to its heavier dimension of color aspect," colorist Jafra Bryant previously explained to Byrdie.
Still, this isn’t a call to for everyone to go blonde (I, myself, love my dark brown hair). So, if you’re still not ready to go full golden blonde just yet, you can always add just a touch of brightness to your current hair color with the Scandi hairline trend.

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