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How To Safely Charge Your E-Cig A guide on how to properly charge your kit

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Battery safety is extremely important. If you don’t charge your device properly then it can cause a lot of issues, including your device breaking. So, with that in mind let’s take a look at how to safely charge your e-cig.

On the wire.

Whether you use an external battery charger or a USB cable, it’s very important to make sure you use the correct wire. Try to use the one that came with your kit, as it’s guaranteed to work with your device. If you’re using a battery that doesn’t come with one, then you can purchase these for as low as £0.99 for a USB-C cable.
Also, make sure that the cable you’re using is free from damage. Any exposed wire or fraying is a clear sign that you need a replacement.
If your device has removable batteries, we highly recommend charging them in an external charger such as the Golisi S2 or S4. While these kits have a USB port, it’s best used for topping up on the go.

Looking to the source.

So, we’ve talked about keeping your cable in good condition. But, you have to plug it into something. Examples of outlets include USB ports on a laptop or PC, a wall plug or a power bank. Something that you need to be mindful of is the correct output.
With older devices that still use micro USB (the D shape), we recommend only using a 1 amp current. Usually this appears as ‘1A/5V’ on the plug or power pack. Most USB ports are 1-2A so they should be fine.
Kits that charge with a USB-C (the 0 shape) connection can use currents between 1A and 2A.
Plugging your cable into games consoles isn’t advised. They can output currents as high as 3A or more.
Charging a device with an output that’s too powerful can damage the cells. This means that your battery won’t last as long as it should.
If you’re unsure about how much power your e-cig can take, check the specifications on the manufacturers website or the manual that came with the kit.

Vaping while charging.

Most vapers charge their e-cig overnight or when they’re not using it. Which is fine as most kits have overcharge protection. But if your device dies just as you’re about to use it, all is not lost.
Known in the vaping world as ‘pass through charging’, this allows you to use you kit while it is plugged in. But, unfortunately, not all devices have this feature.
I know from experience that the newer VOOPOO kits don’t have this, while others like the OXVA XLIM Pro do. The best way to check if yours does is to try it.

Charging with liquid in your tank.

Usually, having a tank full of liquid is fine when charging your e-cig. But it’s always best to keep your device upright as much as possible. This helps to prevent condensation leaking from the airflow port.
Some devices such as the Eleaf iJust P40 will have their charge port located on the bottom, so it’s impossible to keep upright when you charge it. If you experience any leaking with kits like this, remove the tank before popping it on charge.

Location, location, location.

As with most electronics, extreme temperatures can affect your e-cig batteries.
Heat, for example, can cause the charge to drain a lot faster. Fun fact, every 9°C over 25°C halves the battery life!
Likewise, cold conditions can affect your battery life too. If it’s below freezing then it’ll drain the charge by around an extra 30-60%.
It goes without saying to keep your charging equipment away from water.
So basically, if you avoid moisture, heat and cold you should be fine.

And that’s it for our look athow to safely charge your e-cig. If you still have any questions, check out our battery safety guide or contact us.

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