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Disposable Pod Kits – Just As Easy As Disposables.Save money, time and the environment by switching!

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Are the cost of disposables putting a squeeze on your wallet? Well there is a solution! Disposable pod kits bridge the gap between single use devices and open tank systems. They practically halve the cost and are much better for the environment. Let’s take a look at three devices available from the most popular brands.

How do disposable pod kits work?
Disposable pod kits use batteries that are kept and recharged when depleted. The e-liquid is contained in replaceable pods that attach with magnets, and are usually sold in packs of 2. Each one has roughly the same amount of puffs as a single use vape, which is why they halve the cost of disposable vaping. Also, since the pods are quite small, it’s even easier to carry around multiple flavours to switch on the go.

Elf Bar ELFA

The ELFA contains the same liquid that’s found in the ever popular Elf Bar 600.
There are 18 fantastic options selected from the most popular disposable flavours. These include Blueberry Sour Raspberry & Watermelon. There’s even a few that aren’t available in the Elf Bar 600 such as Blueberry Cotton Candy and Watermelon Cherry.
The strength of these pods is 2%, but thanks to the nic salt formula, they’re incredibly smooth.
An ELFA kit will cost you £7.49 and comes with a Blueberry pod. Replacements come in packs of 2 and cost £5.49.

Crystal Plus Kit

The Crystal Plus Kit is one of the newest entries to this list. It’s made by SKE and features the same liquid that’s found in Crystal Bars.
Since they look like their disposable counterparts, they’re very shiny. In fact, there’s no real difference in appearance between the two.
There are 15 great flavours available including classics such as Rainbow and Watermelon Ice.
Like the ELFA, these pods are 2% and contain a smooth nic salt liquid.
The Crystal Plus costs £7.95 for the battery and there’s no pod included. A pack of 2 pods are available for £4.99.

VLTZ flex Kit

The VLTZ flex has the largest battery capacity out of the 3 kits featured. At a whopping 900mAh, it’s sure to get you through a pod and maybe even two.
Flex pods contain VLTZ e-liquid and there are 14 to choose from. Flavours include: Watermelon Ice and the award-winning Pink Lemonade.
The strength is a 1.6% nic salt, which is slightly less than the other 2 kits. This is perfect for vapers that might find 2% a bit too harsh.
The VLTZ flex bundle includes a pack of 2 pods, which you can choose, for £9.99. Also, the packs are available at £5.99. If you need a replacement or spare battery, they can be bought on their own at £7.99.

Even Greater Savings With Bar Salts

So, we’ve already talked about how you can halve the cost of disposable vaping with disposable pod kits. But, there’s a way that you can bring the cost down even further. Using an open tank system with a bar salt has 5 times the value! Each 10ml bottle contains the same liquid as the pods, but is available in a range of strengths.

And that’s it for our look at disposable pod kits! If you have any questions about making the switch and saving a fortune, contact us.

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