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Hey Harper Expands Its Offerings from Jewelry to a Swimwear Line

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Ahead of Summer 2023, Hey Harper expands its reach with the launch of a new vintage-style swimwear collection. The brand, which is known for its durable, elegant, and high-quality jewelry range, wanted "to offer the complete waterproof look for [its] customers." Self-expression through style is a key driving force of this business pivot and the aesthetics of this capsule.
The Bikini Collection features seven vintage-style swimwear designs. The styles feature both geometric designs and floral prints, as well as a warm color palette that is reminiscent of the 1960s era. The styles are meant to match Hey Harper's jewelry offerings.
The swimwear is made in Portugal. The brand used 80% recycled polyester and 20% elastane for the construction of the bikinis.

Chic Vintage-Style Swimwear
Image Credit: Hey Harper
Trend Themes
1. Vintage-style Swimwear - The popularity of vintage-inspired clothing and accessories could lead to more businesses offering retro-style swimwear.
2. Sustainability in Swimwear - The use of recycled polyester in swimwear could encourage the growth of a more eco-friendly swimwear industry.
3. Matchy-matchy Fashion - Swimwear paired with matching jewelry collections could be an emerging trend in the fashion industry.
Industry Implications
1. Fashion - The fashion industry can take advantage of the trend of offering vintage-style swimwear collections to cater to their customers seeking a retro look.
2. Swimwear - The use of recycled polyester in the manufacturing of swimwear can prompt more companies in the swimwear industry to focus on sustainability in their products.
3. Jewelry - Jewelry companies can potentially expand their product offerings to include matching collections of swimwear, catering to the growing trend of matchy-matchy fashion.

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