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Hey Harper is Holding 40% Sales Throughout November

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Some well-meaning brands are embracing conscious shopping promotions during Black Friday—one of the ultimate one-day shopping events in North America.
Hey Harper is a waterproof jewelry brand that boasts both timeless designs and funky silhouettes. Durable and eye-catching, the pieces definitely make for a statement and they can easily elevate one's outfit on any occasion. From the Easygoing Set, a minimalist combination of necklaces, to the Marbella Ring and the Mel Earrings, there is definitely something for everyone in Hey Harper's product range.

Conscious Shopping Promotions
In November, the company is holding a conscious shopping promotion, offering consumers 40% off site-wide for the duration of the month. This is a direct answer to the one-day craziness that Black Friday Sales usually amount to.
Image Credit: Hey Harper
Trend Themes
1. Conscious Shopping - Brands offering conscious shopping promotions during major shopping events like Black Friday.
2. Site-wide Discounts - Companies offering large discounts that apply to all items on their website.
3. Waterproof Fashion - The rise of waterproof jewelry and accessories that can withstand daily wear and tear.
Industry Implications
1. Fashion - Fashion companies offering promotions that align with conscious shopping habits.
2. Jewelry - Jewelry brands offering waterproof and durable designs for everyday use.
3. E-commerce - E-commerce businesses offering site-wide discounts to attract customers during major shopping events.

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