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Shiphra is the World's Largest Lab-Grown Diamond

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Ethereal Green's Shiphra is a 50.25-carat lab-grown diamond, and a record-breaking one at that. This is the largest lab-grown diamond in the world and it was recently certified by the International Gemological Institute as the first of its kind to surpass the "half-century" mark in carat weight.
Shiphra is a Type IIa emerald-cut diamond with G color, VS2 clarity, and Excellent cut, polish and symmetry, and the crystal from which it was polished was grown over a period of eight weeks using Chemical Vapor Deposition. Ethereal Green will have the world's largest lab-grown diamond on display at JCK Las Vegas.
This milestone achievement demonstrates the sophistication and quality of lab-grown diamonds and pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

Record-Breaking Lab-Grown Diamonds
Trend Themes
1. Lab-grown Diamond Market Growth - The record-breaking size of Shiphra showcases the potential for growth in the lab-grown diamond market as technology advances.
2. Lab-grown Diamond Jewelry - The emergence of larger lab-grown diamonds, like Shiphra, presents an opportunity for innovation in lab-grown diamond jewelry design.
3. Sustainability in Jewelry Manufacturing - Lab-grown diamonds are a more sustainable option than traditional mined diamonds, signaling a growing trend towards eco-friendly jewelry manufacturing.
Industry Implications
1. Jewelry Manufacturing - The jewelry manufacturing industry can seize the opportunity to innovate by incorporating lab-grown diamonds in their designs, particularly with larger stones like Shiphra.
2. Diamond Mining - The diamond mining industry may face disruption as lab-grown diamonds offer a more sustainable and cost-effective option for consumers.
3. Technology Development - The growing demand for lab-grown diamonds offers opportunities for technology development, particularly in improving the efficiency and quality of the growth process.

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