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Limited-time good price: 9 popular coach bags, you can buy them for thousands of yuan!

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What is the most difficult thing for straight men to understand about women's consumption hobbies? It should be buying bags.
But in fact, "Lafayette" Karl Lagerfeld said very early: "Handbags can make women's lives more enjoyable, allowing them to have dreams and confidence." Gradually, in addition to the basic storage function, bags are more like Evergreens for female adornment.

So far, different clothes match different bags, and different occasions carry different bags... Women's demand for bags continues to expand. It is not limited to price and style, but tends to show a woman's style and taste~
COACH tabby series 20 leather shoulder bag

COACH Coach Tabby series 20 leather shoulder messenger bag, made of genuine leather with polished pebble pattern, is a tribute to the past design of COACH in the 1970s.

As a compact style in the Tabby series, the bag is equipped with classic logo hardware accessories. The soft top handle and elegant lines look good no matter how you match it!

COACH swinger 20 underarm shoulder bag

COACH's bag is inspired by the brand's classic handbags in the 1900s, retaining the original shape and adding a classic lock.
The bag is made of baseball glove tanned leather as a whole, which brings a gentle touch ~ all aspects of the interpretation are classic and retro charm!
The short shoulder strap at the top of the bag makes it easy to carry it on one shoulder, making it a popular underarm bag style right now.

COACH Parker Series 16 Camellia Ladies Chain Bag

If you want to ask COACH's out-of-stock king in recent years, it must be the Parker series of camellia bags.
One of the most notable features of this bag is that it is spliced ​​with a piece of COACH logo canvas, which means paying tribute to the classic elements of COACH; in addition, there is a metallic camellia flower in front of the bag body, which is not only a decoration for the body of the bag but also a lock for the bag Button, on the back is the fairy herself.
The color-blocking design, combined with exquisite calfskin and classic C-grain coated canvas, brings the sense of retro fashion to the highest level. Good looking, light weight, just the right size, and quite versatile, it’s not too beautiful

COACH tabby series 26 ladies shoulder bag

Everyone should know how hard it is to snatch COACH's tabby Dionysus bag when it goes on the market! The classic clamshell design of the bag is matched with COACH's iconic metal C buckle, which is a real appearance. Let me see how many younger sisters fell in love with it at first sight before. Limited-time good price: 8 popular coach bags, you can buy them for thousands of yuan!
The retro square bag design looks three-dimensional and exquisite. It is different from the classic white. Xiao Xiaozhi thinks that bright summer is more suitable for bright colors. It can not only increase the attention of the whole look, but also give the shape a different point of view. Simple There is no need to be afraid of large areas of bright colors that are too eye-catching for the style of bags.

COACH tabby series 26 women's rivet shoulder bag

Not only the pure color tabby 26 has a good price, but also the rivet model recommended by Qiao Xin! In fact, looking at the fashion trends of big brands in recent years, Rivet has carried out hardcore fashion to the end early.
The classic design and retro-plated hardware neutralize the oppressive feeling brought by the metal, and it is low-key and unassuming. The bag can be carried by hand, across the body or on one shoulder. It is light and handy, and it also provides the possibility for a variety of wearing options.

COACH HUTTON series classic shoulder bag

Friends who like small square bags can look here. The simple and versatile bag reflects the fashionable urban style, which is very practical and handsome whether it is for work or dating and shopping.
The neat square shape is the outline, with the classic COACH flower decoration, making the overall bag three-dimensional and stylish, and the metal buckle inlaid with the carriage relief pattern is used to match the handbag, creating a personalized and modern atmosphere.
It is worth noting that the practical design of the bag not only has the large capacity of the interlayer, but also has an insert pocket, which can be used at any time~

COACH classic large capacity tote bag

Considering that most people also need to pack more things in their daily life, the last two small tote bags are the large-capacity tote bags.
The history of the tote bag can be traced back to the 17th century, but the word "tote" did not appear until 1900. COACH's tote bag has always been its classic model, with large capacity, high quality and good price
When the bag is not in use, it can be hung up or laid flat. When hanging up, all the contents of the bag should be taken out to prevent the strap from being deformed due to long-term tension, or the interface between the strap and the bag body will not be disconnected

COACH Field Garden Embroidered Tote

When this bag of COACH was first released, it even subverted the stereotype of COACH a bit, because it is too cute.
The body of the bag is made of refined leather and strong coated canvas, decorated with embroidered COACH badges and patches of natural elements. Do you want to go on a picnic immediately after reading it? As the king of storage and practical hangers, it can be used in various occasions from busy commuting to full weekends~ It's not too convenient!

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