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With a budget of 1,000 yuan, Haitao can handle your bag! Package control girls + Qixi Festival gift boys suggest collection

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The book says: In the ancient times of our ancestors, women were responsible for picking and men were responsible for attacking and hunting. Although the social division of labor is completely different today, the pleasure brought by the division of "collection" and "attack" has been left in the genes, which has formed the phenomenon that women love to buy "bags".

kate spade Kate spade Nicola heart lock crossbody bag

Founded by Katherine Noel Brosnahan, it is a frequent visitor to New York Fashion Week. It is popular in New York with its simple and smart shapes, bright and bold colors and lively and interesting attitude towards life. It expresses the beautiful longing and fearlessness of kate spade new york girls for the future with bold and energetic colors.

coach women's shoulder bag

COACH is a brand with a long-standing reputation in the United States. It has always won the favor of consumers with its simple and durable style.
Today, COACH’s leather factories are still in the charge of skilled leather masters. Most of them have more than 20 years of leather experience and are full of love and professionalism for leather crafts. Therefore, for every COACH leather craftsman, COACH is not only the name of a brand, but also the crystallization and inheritance of their hard work.

Tory Burch Women's Chain Bag

Founded in 2004, the Tory Burch brand is a brand that truly applies fashion lifestyle to its design. It originates from the classic American sports fashion style. The products are full of unrestrained vitality, which fully reflects the CEO Tory Burch personal style and spirit.
With a unique vision, she balances the designer's aesthetics and values in the market, creating fashion and accessories that are fashionable and suitable for women of all ages.

The elegant and warm nude pink bag is a must-have color for every working woman. In addition to matching well, it can also reduce the aggressiveness of the overall shape and show a more friendly temperament. The inside of the bag is also the partition design that I like. It is easy to store and easy to take. You won’t get upset because things are messed up and you can’t find your keys. Within the budget of 1,000 yuan, Haitao can handle your bag! Package control girls + Qixi Festival gift boys suggest collection

Jessica McClintock Staci Rhinestone Clutch

Jessica McClintock Jessica McClintock has a very high reputation and a large consumer group in the United States. It is the direction indicator of American ceremonial clothing and has the reputation of romantic fashion among nobles.
Its clothing is suitable for social and etiquette occasions such as wedding banquets, dinner parties, business receptions, formal meetings, and concerts, while its accessories are more everyday and can become the highlight of outfits.
Jessica McClintock Jessica McClintock's crystal-like handbag is a very good choice. The product page is available in blue and black two-color options. Both of them can reflect colorful light under the light, bright dazzling. It can not only attend formal occasions, but also is very good as a small handbag for daily outings. It is small and portable, and it is super suitable for girls who don’t like to mention noon in summer~

Furla Women's Mini Crossbody Bag

Furla Furla was established in 1927, the family founder Mr.Furlanetto, earlier operating leather accessories. The gentle and elegant design characteristics have always been popular with women. Other high-quality goods include wallets, watches, jewelry, etc., which are eagerly sought by ladies every season. Its products generally do not have exaggerated trademarks, and express the young, lively, pretty and confident characteristics of women with simple lines and ingenious colors.
Furla's Ambra mini crossbody bag is designed in watermelon red with enthusiasm. The body of the bag is round in shape, and the way to open and close is still the clamshell magnetic attraction. The height of the bag is 15 cm x width: 18.5 cm, and there is no problem for daily storage~

coach courier color block crossbody bag

Coach’s color-blocking messenger bag is also a good choice for summer. Color-blocking has always been very novel and challenging. Many brand bags will also produce some color-blocking models based on classic bags. There are also many kinds The colors are mixed and matched together, it looks very lively, and it is also a bit difficult to control. It always feels confusing, but it is simple to wear, and it will have the finishing touch if you wear it with a color matching bag. Color matching isn't that dull either.

MICHAEL KORS Women's Handbags

Michael Kors Michael Kors was formally established in 1981 and is headquartered in New York City, USA. I believe that every girl has bought MK bags. It can be said that Michael Kors has brought the luxury industry into a new stage and successfully shaped the concept of advocating self-expression and distinctive life, combining the brand with the past Classic American luxury brands are distinguished. Now Michael Kors has become a representative of American light luxury life style.

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