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Men's Max Try Fun - Black Hole Stroke Cup

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This is a stroking machine! The canal moves back and forth powerfully, stimulating every inches of your manhood. The entrance is designed in the shape of a turbine blade, combined with the special and complex texture inside, the material is very soft too. With different sets of speed and stroke modes, the powerful pull-in and suction effects let the user feel like entering a black hole. The heating plate is placed at the top and end of the canal that can warm the sleeve up in about 10 minutes, the user's glans can feel the warmness after inserted, which is extremely comfortable. Another great feature is the sleeve can be easily detached, give it a simple twist and pull, the sleeve is removed and ready for washing.

Product Features:
- Multifunctional LED electric control panel. Simple design, easy to use
- 4 different stroke modes- Newly wheel button design for turning on/off and speed adjustment
- Special warm-up design brings users a sense of real body temperature
- Minimalist design now comes in frosted surface, no more sticky fingerprints
- Ultra soft inner refill with surreal texture
- Detachable and replaceable interior design makes it easier for users to clean
- Comes with two sponge cleaning sticks for easy cleaning of the interior cup
- USB Charging
- One-year warranty

Instructions for Use:
Warm-up Function:
- Press and hold the warm-up button for about 2 seconds, the button will light up and the function will be activated
- LED Blinkng: Heating in progress
- LED On: Warming in progress

Mode Setting:
- Each time mode button is pressed for about 2 seconds, the stroke pattern changes
Speed Adjustment Click Wheel:
- Press and hold the click wheel accelerator for about 2 seconds to activate it.
- Press the click wheel accelerator again to start the stroke (Turning the wheel accelerator clockwise to increase the speed; Turning the wheel accelerator anti-clockwise to decrease the speed)
- Press Once: Resume / Pause

Product Specifications:
- Length: 25 cm
- Product Weight: 800grams
- With packaging weight: 1400 grams

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