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ArcWaveTM ION Mun Veneer Air Wave Aircraft Cup Mysterus

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ArcWaveTM ION is born for subversion of men's sexual climax, enhances the fun of masturbation!.
German brand "ArcwaveTM Ion Multi-Generation Pulse Air Wave Aircraft Cup Maternity" is a men's sex toys in the world's first pleasure airTM air..
Men's penis actually has a mysterious sensitive location - Pacinian Corpuscles is often overlooked, this sensitive point will have a sleeper reaction when feeling a subtle vibration!.

Through the pleasure airTM air suction technology, even the traditional traditional sex skills, such as manual caress, sex or mouth, can not bring a climax of men's climax!.
Medical Cleantech clean technology silicone, tactile, elasticity and durability and easy cleaning..
Simple 3 key operation..
Set 8 intensity of Pleasure AirTM air tips, let men experience strong new stimulus created by pulsating air waves. Unique Smart SilenceTM smart mute features, the sensor automatically detects the distance from the skin and stops operating the air sight function from the distance..
The innovation is open, which is convenient for instant cleaning. It is provided with a stylish design, and the air-dried two-in-one storage base is provided, and ION is placed after the base is automatically charged, and the Drytech moisturizing rods are equipped with a wind process..
You can also purchase more Drytech dry sticks that contain silicone moisture absorbent particles and equipped with Drytech moisturizing rods with help of wind..

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