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The G-SHOCK MOVE DWH5600 Tracks Heart Rate and More

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The G-SHOCK MOVE DWH5600 timepiece is a rugged new addition to the Casio brand's range of watches that will provide active consumers with the option to greatly elevate their capabilities. The watch looks and functions like many of the brand's other models within its rugged timepiece range, but is discreetly equipped with intelligent features that are perfect for athletes. This includes heart rate monitoring, an accelerometer for tracking steps and an interface with four modes for tracking performance in various exercises.

Discreetly Intelligent Timepieces
The G-SHOCK MOVE DWH5600 timepiece can be recharged via a USB connection or through solar power and connects to the user's smartphone to help them monitor their various metric with ease. The watch comes as part of the continued evolution of wearable technology as brands discreetly integrate advanced features into classic timepieces.

Discreetly Intelligent Timepieces

Discreetly Intelligent Timepieces

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