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Fossil Group Adds New Assistive Updates to the Wear OS 3

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Fossil Group unveils new updates that are launching to products such as the Wear OS 3 smartwatch. As of this month, the company adds Assistant features to the Gen 6 watches and this includes both of Fossil's own models as well as its counterparts with brands such as Skagen, Diesel, and Michael Kors.

AI-Assistive Smartwatch Updates
This function is similar to Google or Samsung watches and in order to activate the AI assistant, wearers only need to say "Hey Google." Alternatively, they can also hold a button or tap the watch's face. This feature helps with controls including music, answering texts, or handling basic tasks on the phone. Additionally, the watch will also have Alexa available on hand as well.

AI-Assistive Smartwatch Updates

AI-Assistive Smartwatch Updates

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